ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge Day 13~June 11, 2011

Day 13 for my workout program included Burn it off & Recharge. Burn it off is a cardio packed workout and Recharge included some great stretches. I feel great about the workout program all in all. Some days are harder than others and all I keep telling myself is to keep pushing. I decided, I am committing and I will succeed. This is Beachbody’s moto and for good reason.

Fitness junky~OH YES!!! I would love to become the athlete that Chalene talks about in her programs. I want to feel great and energized all the time. This is not to look great (which will come), but to FEEL great first. Health and Fitness is something a lot of people put on the back burner, because they are to busy with other things. When these people end up going into the doctor for their annual check ups and are told they have high blood pressure or diabetes, why are they shocked? I have a 5 year old daughter and I know what and who I want to be healthy for. Why do you? Make it happen!

Take time for you, you are worth it!!!


Fat to Fit Body


ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge Day 11 and 12~Wed June 11 and Thurs June 12, 2011

Wed June 8 (day 11) ~ Burn Intervals and Ab Burner workouts

WOW, still not easy. You would think that the fact that its intervals that you would have a break in between where you feel the break right?, WRONG! Chalene Johnson kills you in this workout, but its so great. You really do feel great after its over. Like to took on the world and won.

Thurs June 9 (day 12) ~ Burn Circuit 3 workout

All I have to say is that I can now do 3 completely PERFECT pushups, modified that is (on my knees). That might be something some would laugh at, but I want to see them do 1 perfect pushup on their feet. Its not easy. My arms are feeling stronger and I can feel the difference in my body definitely. This workout might not seem that intense when you are actually doing it, but you WILL see the results. I honestly have to say I think Burn Circuit 3 is my favorite so far, along with Recharge, because I LOVE to stretch.

With that said I still have to tell you about Friday June 10th workout, but I have to admit as I write this on Saturday morning ~I haven’t done it yet. Saturday is a rest day in the book (day 14), so I will get that missed workout in this morning. What I do have to tell you is I was still active on Friday with my daughter ~Swimming and nature walking. These 2 things definitely burn a lot of calories.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate~Drink as much water as you can. I know they say 8 glasses a day, but I know I drink way over that daily and I feel great. Especially if you live in a climate that is hot all year round, water is very important when you are working out.

Recover, recover, recover~I have also been using my P90x results and recovery formula. It is helping me after my workouts to repair, rebuild and adapt my muscles after a workout.

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition~I have also been drinking my shakeology shakes daily for the extra vitamins my body needs. It gives me incredible amounts of energy throughout the day and I feel great. I tell people that I feel like my vision is even better since I have been taking my shakeology but its true.

Until later today, when I write about the “missed workout,” I hope you all have a productive Saturday, full of great workouts and outdoor activities.


Fat to Fit Body

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Thank you for reading ūüôā

Battle Day~ChaLEAN Extreme Day 10: Tuesday June 7, 2011.

Today must have been the day for battles. I hate to think that way, but wow. It was coming to me from all angles. Not only do I have this horrible cold, but I felt like the amazing race today. Same routine in the morning as normal, but I was planning on leaving work early to take care of some things and attend my daughters end of year party. I made it to the party a little late, but thank goodness I made it. (If you know kids, you know I would not have heard the end of it if I missed anything, but I heard it anyway…lol kids.) What an amazing event by the way.

I decided to leave my daughter in school, like a regular day in order for me to buy some time to get my workout done. Today was Day 10 (whoohooo only 80 more days to go) Burn Circuit 2 for ChaLEAN Extreme.

My take on the workout:

I feel like I am getting stronger, able to lift heavier weights. The actual weight exercises don’t get me, the cardio scheduled for tomorrow is what gets me. But wait, that is another day~can’t rush life right?. My back feels killer hurt doing Burn Circuit 2. Not sure what it is, but I make sure I DO NOT GIVE UP!. I keep pushing to finish the entire workout, even if I have to modify some of the moves. I make sure I remember what Chalene says, “When you know it is your last rep~don’t rush it.”

Battle time:

I have a horrible cold, did I mention that already?. Today I had a couple of questions for the rental complex I live at, as well as for my professor at the college I am currently attending. NOT COOL~Why is it a battle to get answers, like straight forward answers to straight forward questions. Communication is key and we are taught this in school, but when you try to communicate with people, you can not get a straight answer. On a more positive note-there is a reason and a lesson to everything.

I learned today that I am SERIOUS about this commitment to me. I still did my entire workout and even adding the stretching Recharge workout in as well. Blogging has really opened my eyes to be more accountable to me. (As I battle my eyelids to stay open and complete this sentence).

Thank you for reading~


Fat to Fit Body


ChaLEAN Extreme Day 8~Sunday June 5, 2011

Sundays workout was Burn Circuit 1. I felt the workout is getting easier already after one week. WOW. This really works and I am so pleased with the results I am getting so far. I was even able to lift heavier weights already. I will definitely need to buy heavier weights by the time I get to the Push Phase. All I own are 3lb, 5lb, and 8lbs. I also have resistance bands, but I am not so crazy about using these as weights.

So just to review what this whole program of weight loss is~30 days of Burn, 30 days of Push, 30 days of Lean=90 days of ChaLEAN Extreme. The workout box comes with a Body-fat tester and a very detailed guide book to assist you every step of the way. I literally feel like I have a personal trainer inside my house.

Today=Monday June 6, 2011-Rest Day and I really needed it. Of course, I don’t know how to rest, so I will be repeating the Recharge stretch workout today. You can stretch as much as you’d like and it will always benefit you and make you feel better for your next workouts.

Until tomorrow,


Fat to Fit Body



Catching up with my Fat to Fit motivation! ChaLEAN Extreme 90 day blog challenge.

So today is Sunday, (well technically Monday, since it is after midnight) and I have to catch up with all the people that motivate me. So here goes….

If you read my last blog “Confessions of an exhausted Superwoman” you know I fell off the wagon on Th, th, Thursday. Man, I even hate to say it, or spell it in this case. LOL. Well I vowed to get all the workouts that I missed in and get back on track on Saturday. I DID!!! ¬†I believe if you promise yourself something that you need to follow through with it and stay accountable. So let’s see how it worked out for me~ I missed Thursdays workout, which was Burn Circuit 3 (day 5) and Fridays workout, which was Burn It Off and Recharge (day 6).

Burn Circuit 3 review (day 5)~

The workout was about 32 minutes long and I have to say WOW, KILLER SHOULDERS!!! and OUCH. I felt stronger already during this workout. I felt like I was able to complete a push up better than the other days. Soon I will be able to do a push up, not on my knees. This makes me a happy camper. Within ChaLEAN Extreme there are sets that are designed to be slow and controlled in order to focus on one muscle group and really feel the burn. Since Muscle does burn Fat. I love when its “TIME TO GET EXTREME.” I get an extra kick when Chalene is yelling “keep pushing, you can do this.” Chalene says, “when you wake up in the morning, put on your workout clothes, so there is no reason not to workout.” What a GREAT IDEA. Now to get up early enough to workout in the morning. I’m still working on this.

Burn It Off & Recharge review (day 6)~

The Burn it off workout was less than 30 minutes, which I was happy about in the beginning. When I began to do the workout I was in shock. Wow, less than 30 minutes and it was intense. Again I made sure I listened to some key things that Chalene says throughout the workout to keep you going and motivated. “Start thinking of yourself as an athlete, eat like one, think like one, workout like one”, “Be an example for your kids.” This in particular stuck with me. When your kids are young they are given the tools you show them. So show them a sedentary lifestyle and that is all they will know. Show them a active lifestyle and they will grow up to appreciate health and fitness and help to end the trend of obesity. Remember, you as the parents are the ones that bring the food into the house, so make better choices for you and your family.

So today (Saturday), I felt good about what I ate, how far I pushed myself on a scale of 1-10, and great about my overall day. Who wouldn’t right, its the weekend.

So until tomorrow, when I will update you with Sundays, Day 8~ Burn Circuit 1 (Day 7 was a rest day).

I hope you all find a little motivation in what I like to write about. It helps me to stay accountable to me, if it motivates 1 person to get healthier thats all that matters.


Fat to Fit Body


Confessions of an exhausted Superwoman (at least that’s what I try to be)…

So as you all know I began this ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge with myself last week. ONE WEEK ago, that’s it. I vowed to follow the calendar schedule for the ChaLEAN Extreme workout program everyday and eat well. Well, that’s not exactly what happened once the dreaded villain came to visit.

Who’s the Villain, you might ask? Thursday is. Yep, I said it, Thursday (like the actual day of the week).

So I began on Sunday and I was ready to go, very out of shape again I felt, but ready to do this for myself.

Monday was a rest day and good that it was, because it was a holiday and I decided to do a lot of housework before the 4 day work week began. And we all know 4 day work weeks are no better than a 5 day work week. People are just trying to get that extra day in without the extra day. Sheesh! LOL.

Tuesday and Wednesday came around and I am just a little disappointed because I really want to wake up at 5am and complete the workout and not have to think about doing it in the evening. Well I did do the workouts in the evening, which I am happy about. But, of course Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also my daughters Karate days, so I don’t get home until after 7pm. This is the Superwoman part.

Thursday, AHHHH (Screaming)!!! I love the fact that its closer to Friday, like anyone else that works Monday thru Friday, but AHHHH(Screaming again), I am SO EXHAUSTED. NOOOOO, I didn’t do my workout. This is the¬†Confession¬†part.

So here was my thinking, (and of course thinking when you are tired does not really work well). I thought Friday was a rest day and I would just do Thursdays workout on Friday. Well, Friday was not a rest day, I was to tired when I looked at the calendar. GREAT! So, me being me I said okay I will just double up and do Thursday and Fridays workout Friday night. NOPE, didn’t happen.

LIFE happened instead. My sister wasn’t feeling well and had to be taken to the ER and thank goodness she is okay, but I was pacing around the house all Friday evening (dusting, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc). I couldn’t even sleep.

So here is Saturday, what was supposed to be my rest day (but never really will be) and I will be doing Thursday and Fridays workout and hopefully some bike riding with my daughter. Oh and did I mention I woke up at 6am, on a Saturday, why?

Anyone reading my blog knows things like this happen, but what can you do but get over that hump and move forward and keep moving. I will be moving a lot today with all my working out.

Until later,


Fat to Fit Body


ChaLEAN Extreme Day 4~Wednesday June 1, 2011

Today was a combination workout of Burn Intervals and Ab Burner.

The Burn Intervals workout was about 46 minutes long and combined cardio and intervals within the workout. VERY intense. I find this one to be the hardest workout of the week and thought that starting a day earlier making it land on Wednesday versus Thursday would help me push harder. NOT!!! I found it just as hard. I know this is just my first week, so I won’t be that hard on myself.

One thing that was very frustrating for me was that my back was really starting to feel it. My back usually doesn’t hurt me, so I am hoping that this was just a one time effect of my body telling me that I am getting back in the groove of things. I was very disappointed at this, but I still keep on and was able to complete the entire workout. I was definitely afraid I would injure myself, so I made sure to make some modifications throughout the workout.

The Ab Burner workout is about 10 minutes long, but pretty intense too. I find that I am able to complete most of this one, but definitely with a struggle.

At the end I completed about a “pizallion bicep curls.” Anyone that has this workout program, knows “pizallion” is a word that does exist for Chalene…lol.

On another note, I had a couple other important things to complete this evening and that is why I had to complete my workout so late. I am hoping I can get myself up earlier in the morning in order to complete whatever workout I have scheduled for that day and not have to worry about it later in the evening.

Anyone thinking of doing any workout programs, just remember to start slow. Its better to complete the workout in its entirety and without injury.

Good Luck on your workouts friends.

Until tomorrow, PUSH PLAY!!!


Fat to Fit Body


ChaLEAN Extreme Day 3~Tuesday May 31, 2011

Today I planned to take my healthy meals and snacks to work. Did it happen? NOT! Why you might say? Well LIFE happened and I had to adjust. Here is what I had planned:

Breakfast: Shakeology

Snack: a sliced apple

Lunch: salad with a small piece of chicken breast

Snack: a couple of almonds

Dinner: something similar for lunch

Snack: another sliced apple


Instead, I decided to go with the healthiest choices I had available to me at the office cafe, which was:

Breakfast: Coffee and Oatmeal

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: salad with some chicken in it

Snack: almonds again

Dinner: Half a sweet onion teriyaki sandwich from Subways

Snack: a couple of strawberries

Workout: I wanted to complete my workout in the morning versus the evening, but I decided I needed a couple more minutes of sleep, since I was not able to sleep to well throughout the night. Uhhh, can any of my plans go right? Well, that is okay I guess because sleep is VERY important.

On the schedule for Day 3=Burn Circuit 2

Total workout time: 38:03 minutes

Warm up and Cool down times were a little short again, but like I said in my previous blog you can replay these sections if you feel the need.

I decided to use a lot of what Chalene Johnson was saying through the workout:

“Don’t say this is hard”

“You have a choice, speak to yourself in a negative voice, or in a positive voice”

“Tell yourself you can do this!”

“Power through and make this workout work for you”

Some of the things Chalene tells you throughout this workout feel like they are really being said to you directly. I needed this workout and I felt better about doing it, even if it wasn’t in the morning versus the evening and even if my meal plan didn’t end up what I wanted it to be. Make adjustments throughout the day that will work for you and YOU WILL GET BETTER!

Feelings for the day: I felt positive and productive in my work because I knew I had begun my workouts and my path in the right direction. As it was said in the workout today, ” I have made a commitment and I am going to do this!” So tomorrow I am going to push play again and follow through as I promised myself and anyone that reads my blog. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE, read my blog and look for more and comment and I will stay in track.

Thank you for reading, until tomorrow.


Fat to Fit Body


ChaLEAN Extreme Day 1~The countdown begins

ChaLEAN Extreme Day 1 according to the calendar is Burn Circuit 1. The main purpose of the entire workout program=Muscle Burns Fat. The workout encourages heavier weights with less, slower reps. The amount of reps per workout are 12 reps with Chalene Johnson walking you through each workout with a demonstration. The complete workout is outlined below:

Total workout time: 36:04 minutes

Warm up time: 4:13 minutes

Cool down time: 2:12 minutes

My take on the workout~

I think the warm and cool down could be a little longer. I feel that the warm up and cool down was excellent so I decided to replay those sections to have a longer warm up and cool down. All in all the entire workout was EXcellent.

As far as nutrition~not so good today. I do better when I am at work, shockingly. I just feel like I am more conscious of time when I am at work, so with that said I ate a big breakfast, not so big lunch and a medium size dinner. I know this will get easier and I will become more regimented beginning tomorrow (when I am at work).

As for today Monday May 30, 2011, according to the ChaLEAN Extreme calendar it is a REST DAY (already)!!! I will still do my Shakeology 30 minute workout to keep the momentum going.

Tomorrow, back to work and back on the grind. Burn Circuit 2 is on the schedule.


Fat to Fit Body


ChaLEAN Extreme Blog Challenge 90 days from start to end~

The question that comes to mind is~ Can I complete one workout program from start to end?

Everyone sets goals when the year begins to lose weight and get to a certain weight by a certain date or for a certain event (ex: wedding, reunion, or vacation). As for me, I want all the same things, but I get so busy with everything else that I fall off the wagon and man I fall off bad when it comes to my workouts. I can do my job well and start and finish something. I can go to school and start and finish that too, but workout programs, not so much?

The reason I thought this would work and what inspired me was watching the movie Julie and Julia. If you’ve seen this movie, you know exactly what I mean. If you have not, here is the gist of the movie~Julie never was able to finish any project that she started, so she decided to blog about her progress in order to hold herself accountable. In the end it worked for her. Isn’t that all that matters?

So it is now May 30th and I decided last week that I would hold myself accountable by blogging about my day to day workouts, nutrition, and feelings about it all. I decided that I would start on Sunday May 29th in order to make myself do it and follow through. It gave me time to go to the grocery store to get the foods I needed to succeed (or at least begin) and time to map it all out on paper. I took my before pictures (thanks mom), which will be published at the end of the 90 days.

Health is one thing, when gone you can get back with hard work and accountability.

I plan on following through with this, so stay tuned.


Fat to Fit Body